Applying a senior resource mix

Since establishment in 2001, True South has been positioned very differently from the big consulting houses who typically have pronounced pyramid structures. In direct contrast thereto, we are a boutique consultancy where senior resources are directly involved in all phases of an engagement (more often than not the founding partners). This positioning stems from the realisation that a pyramid structure unduly feeds the temptation to gradually shift work down the pyramid (i.e. to, during the course of a client engagement, employ increasingly junior resources on the project).

We believe that our approach is the only way to ensure [1] maximum relevance of delivery, [2] optimal client satisfaction, and thus [3] that every project on which we engage becomes a testimonial for our firm.

This approach has seen True South becoming known and respected for delivery of excellent value. Word-of-mouth advertising has resulted in steady and strong growth in the number of clients over the years and we have yet to see a retainer client replacing us with another actuarial consultancy.

Non-negotiable client centricity and a focus on long-term sustainability

Apart from the application of a strong, senior resource mix, we believe that our unmatched success in retaining clients also stems from our focus on longer-term sustainability and client centricity. For example, if an engagement starts exceeding a certain level on a regular basis, it may make sense for the client to in-source some of the work. Although pointing this out to a client (as we have done in the past) comes at the cost of consulting income, it reinforces our long-term service and integrity ethos.

Excellent availability to our clients

We pride ourselves in being available to our clients at very short notice, especially the engagement leaders. Coupled with our senior resource mix and client centricity as set out above, this is probably another key contributor to our growing list of satisfied clients throughout Southern Africa.

Level 1 B-BBEE contributor

True South is proud to be the one of the very few 100% black owned actuarial consultancies in South Africa. As far as rating goes, we are a level 1 B-BBEE contributor in terms of the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice (2013).

A boutique consultancy, using an intentionally crafted approach