Our choice of name

At the time of our establishment, many South African actuaries were leaving Africa for the developed world. True South’s founding team however made a conscious decision to dedicate their focus and energy towards making a positive impact on the local Southern African industry. Hence the choice of name to reflect our commitment!

For the technically inclined

True south is the direction of the axis around which our planet rotates. It sounds relatively easy to find, but is in fact not. Due to the motion of the ions within our planet’s liquid core, earth acts like a giant magnet and is therefore surrounded by a magnetic field with north and south poles. The axis of this magnet-effect differs from the axis of earth’s rotation by approximately 11 degrees, and as such the geographical and magnetic poles at any end of the scale are not located in the same place.

A manual compass is guided by earth’s magnetic field, and explorers therefore need to take this natural deviation into account when assessing true direction. Geographically, compass north is in fact 1 300 kilometres from true north — a figure that jumps to a staggering 2 550 kilometres in the case of true south.

To complicate matters even further, earth’s magnetic field is not constant but changes over time. The poles are not fixed geographical points and can move up to 80 kilometres daily due to variations and magnetic storms. In fact, recent geological surveys have found that the magnetic north pole is slowly shifting in a north-westerly direction at 40 kilometres per year — a phenomena known as magnetic pole wandering.

Because of this ongoing change, it is virtually impossible to predict the direction of earth’s magnetic field at any given point in the distant future. New observations must continuously be made and models generated to accurately represent the magnetic field as it truly is at a specific point in time.

As with nature, economies and business change over time — sometimes predictably and sometimes surprisingly. At True South we are dedicated to assist our clients in navigating this increasingly complex and ever-changing world!

Dedicated to serving and impacting local industry