Committed to ploughing back

At True South, we are grateful for the privilege of being able to plough back into the broader community around us. In this regard, more than 50% of our annual profit is dedicated towards projects aimed at “orphaned, abused, abandoned, neglected, disabled, chronically ill, vulnerable or at risk children, including children in need of care and protection”.

In addition, our internship program has been running since 2006. This program is aimed at matriculants from disadvantaged communities, offering both work experience and the opportunity for further studies. Typically the interns stay on our payroll for between one and three years. Our objective is to create one intern opportunity for each permanent employee on our staff.

Committed to integrity

As a business, we commit the following to our clients, employees, socio-business environment and government: [1] to pay reasonable salaries; [2] to be honest in all our dealings; [3] to pay taxes, and to pay all creditors on time; [4] to negotiate all contracts with integrity; [5] to submit ourselves to just and ethical governing authorities; [6] to refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes; [7] to provide all stakeholders with timely, accessible and accurate information; [8] to collaborate with our peers to impact our community, nation and continent; [9] to provide our services impartially and [10] to invest generously and sacrificially in the broader community around us.

Committed to transformation

True South is firmly committed to broad based upliftment and empowerment, to further entrench the successful transformation of our post-1994 society. This commitment is firmly reflected in our shareholding, social spend, staff make-up and intern program.

Choosing to live more simply, so others can simply live