About True South Actuaries & Consultants

A boutique consultancy, using an intentionally crafted approach

Non-negotiable client
and a focus on long-term sustainability


We serve our clients with excellence. This translates to our drive for consistent delivery above the norm (“If its not beautiful, its not done yet”) and an intentional, constant stream of improvements in everything we do (“Perfection is not a goal to reach. It is a system to improve, an endless process of refinement”).

Committed to integrity
in the widest sense

Commitment to all our stakeholders

We are committed be honest and ethical in all our dealings. We provide efficient, economic and effective services. We refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes. We negotiate all contracts with the utmost integrity. We pay taxes and honour our creditors. We pay reasonable salaries and wages. We submit ourselves to just and ethical governing authorities. We remember the poor by investing generously and sacrificially in the broader community. We collaborate with our peers to impact our community and nation.


One of SA’s few 100%

True South was born at the start of 2001, with an initial focus on the local provision of services, on an outsourced basis, to companies based in the United Kingdom.

During 2002 we increased our South African involvement and subsequently re-branded as True South Actuaries and Consultants (Pty) Ltd in 2003 to reflect our commitment to the local industry.

2014 saw a key milestone on the company timeline, when the Tree of Life BEE Foundation Trust acquired a majority share in True South. In mid-2016, their shareholding increased to 100%, making us one of the very few 100% black-owned actuarial consultancies in South Africa.